FIFA 16 Tips: Easy Moves to Learn

With the basics of FIFA 16, you should learn some simple moves that will put you above your friends.

One is by using the players body to shield the ball when receiving a pass. While receiving a pass, hold LT/L2. Doing this will prevent a defender from intercepting the ball, and can give you a couple of seconds to find a player to pass to.

Another tactic to use is to control the shape of your team when not in possession. Rather than sending a single man to chase the ball carrier, it would be more effective to defend as a whole. If you find yourself getting beat out by quick passes and crosses, then using the D-Pad tactics may solve your problem. The options High Pressure and Team Pressing will be very useful when defending against a team with high chemistry.

There are countless other simple moves you can learn, such as a fake shot/pass, or the new bullet pass. If you are able to use these moves effectively, you will be able to surprise your friends at those friendly FIFA tournaments.

In the end, it will take practice and games to adjust to FIFA 16. By playing more, you will pick up new moves that you will be able to execute without thinking twice. I also recommend trying out other features such as FUT Draft and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

More FIFA 16 game tips, please keep continuous attention to our site.


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