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Heaven 2 Oath shocked landing ChinaJoy2017 Mobile Games will soon come

Developed by the famous Korean game developer Netmarble, the second-generation mobile game Heaven 2: The Oath conducted by Tencents national service has attracted much attention since the 2016 G-star exhibition. This time, Heaven 2: Vows landed on the 15th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaJoy2017) in 2017. With the novel forms of VR experience, it provided the players with a chance to understand the game at close quarters. Also allows players to experience the ultimate audio-visual feast of Unreal Engine 4!
This mobile game adapted from the classic end-of-line IP Paradise has won the attention of domestic players since the TGC debuted last year. In particular, after opening the national trial for the first time on April 12th, it became one of the most anticipated new mobile games in China.


Participate in the ChinaJoy2017 player experience Paradise 2: Vow

ChinaJoy, as the most influential event in the global digital interactive entertainment field, attracts the most popular games and digital interactive entertainment hardware and other products every year. This year, the second-generation mobile game Heaven 2: Vows sponsored by Tencent has also debuted on ChinaJoy2017. Since the April national costumes opened for the first time, the attention of Paradise 2 Vows has continued to soar. Before the game went online, there were hundreds of thousands of players waiting for the game to play in the WeChat public account, the official Weibo, the Knights Inn and other players.
On ChinaJoy2017, Heaven 2: Oath attracted a large number of players to stop and learn. At the exhibition, Heaven 2: Vows not only showed the players the development process of the game, but also conducted face-to-face exchanges with the players, and also provided VR siege battle experience. Let the player understand and experience the charm of Heaven 2: Vow from all directions and feel the fun brought by the next-generation mobile game in advance.


Zero contact with the role of Heaven 2: oath
It is not the first time that VR technology has participated in the digital entertainment exhibition. However, at the ChinaJoy exhibition in 2017, VR is absolutely the main technical force. Heaven 2: Vows also conforms to the trend of the times, and brings together a special siege warfare experience with the most dazzling technology star VR. With the help of a series of equipment such as VR helmets, handles and somatosensory vests, the players become incarnations of the Elven Warrior in the game, fighting for their own home. Facing the enemies powerful magic and the blazing flames in the dark dragons mouth, the player needs to fight against the attack and defend Aden by striking his sword and shield. Gorgeous shocking audio-visual effects and lifelike vivid combat sensations have been perfectly demonstrated through VR. Players have also experienced the sensational power of ˇ°Paradise 2: Vowsˇ± in the VR siege warfare experience.
The shocking picture attracted many knights to stop and watch
As a mobile game adapted from the classic IP Heaven, Heaven 2: The Vow continues the world view of Heaven 2 and starts a new story with the time of Heaven 2 100 years ago. Based on this, the game retained the four races of Elves, Dark Elves, Humans, and Dwarves in Aden, and perfectly restored the classic siege warfare, fortress battles, and blood leagues in Heaven 2. In order to make players get the best gaming experience, Heaven 2: Vows uses Unreal Engine 4 for R&D. This not only makes the picture of Heaven 2: The Vow exceptionally beautiful, but also guarantees that the game has a strong sense of combat, ensuring that it can bring immersive gaming experience for players.
In addition, in order to meet the needs of various players, Heaven 2: Vow not only added a diversified copy system, but also has a very human social system. In Heaven 2: The Vow, the player can not only experience the happiness brought by the game, but also recognize many like-minded friends through the game. Heaven 2: Oath is not a simple game, it is a way of life.
A Corner of the Hall of Paradise 2: Vows
Paradise 2: Voodoo Hankok Lineage II:revolution swept through the App Store and Google play rankings since landing in South Korea in December 2016 and is still ranked among the best in the world. In June 2017, Lineage II:revolution officially landed in 11 countries and regions including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc., and went on the top of the App Store and Google Play charts in various regions on the same day. The region even occupies the top spot in the best-selling list. In the context of such an eye-opening public beta test result, the beta time of the national service Heaven 2: The Vow has become the focus of domestic players extensive attention. In the April trial, the players gave a high degree of recognition to the quality of Heaven 2: The Vow and expressed their hope that the game would go online as soon as possible. But in order to give players the most perfect gaming experience. At present, Heaven 2: Vows is being localized and will surely meet the majority of players with the best attitude.
Mighty human race
Players stop to understand the history of heaven
Dark Elf cos
With the approach of Heaven 2: Vows national costumes on the line, the era of hand travel is about to come. Let us look forward to it together.


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