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How to Score Goals in FIFA 16

Theres little room for error in FIFA 16. Unlike American football and basketball video games, you cant necessarily rely on a Hail Mary play or offensive burst to dig your team out of trouble, which is why one scoring chance is critical. Match up against a skilled opponent and you better make the most of the lone breakaway or corner kick. With this in mind, well tell you how to score more goals in EA Sports FIFA 16. 

In this years game, the developers improved near-post and far-post finishing. Whenever you see one of your players entering the box at an angle, aim the shot toward the nearest post; when entering from a direct angle, either foot can get the job done. When you do this with the analog stick, hit the shoot button but pay close attention to the power meter, since you dont want it higher than two and a half bars. 

Make sure to under power shots on goal instead of going with too much power. Why? An underpowered shot increases the likelihood of taking a shot on goal, which forces the keeper to make the save. Should the ball rebound off his body or the goal post, you may have another scoring opportunity. Sometimes the most unpredictable sequence of events will result in a much-needed score. Meanwhile, overpowering shots will usually result in the ball sailing wide and most times out of play. The last thing you want is a match filled with what ifs.

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