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The Features You May Want to See in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 will come soon and there must be something different from FIFA 16. So what changes do you want you see?

Some players are asking that the Career Mode is synced better, especially the League and International Manager Modes. Currently the latter is only a bonus that has no context within your season. Theres no conflict of interest for players, no media scrutiny and your international achievements dont even get logged on your season review.

Another top-request fan feature for FIFA 17 is to have better training options - not just those arcade-like loading screens. You could have options to take training sessions that affect your player stats depending on their performance, rather than just having to click a ton of tick boxes. 

Now we know that EA Sports probably wont go for this, but fans would love to see the intentional foul and dive buttons. Gone are the days where FIFA games were a bit of a laugh and occasionally silly. Heck we even miss when you could run away from the referee.

One fan even went as far as to say that EA Sports could sign a deal with FA Learning, so that the training could follow the same real-world training games and sessions as the professionals. Kids playing FIFA 17 may then learn about coaching and drills too. Sounds good, right?


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