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Take FIFA 18 on the Go with the Companion App

With the convenience of smartphones, it's not a surprise that they're used for many things. These phones can do everything from communicating with someone far away and setting alarms and reminders to checking emails and surfing the web. Also, it's not hard to find apps that have games. One, in particular, is companion apps, those that keep track and alert players of various things, or are like encyclopedias that players can consult anytime. FIFA 18 has one that's part of the former category.

The companion app lets players manage their FUT Club on the go. With the app and data services or WiFi, they can prepare their teams for a big game, do some last minute bids or transfers, earn rewards and even buy or open packs for more members or items. The features of the app are explained a little deeper in the next sections.

Objectives: players monitor goals they do to earn more rewards, completing them either on mobile or console. Transfer and Club Management objectives can be done on mobile, while the others can be done on console or PC. Also, the Squad Building Challenges are achievable right on the app.
Squad and Club Management: change the lineup of your teams and manage formations and consumables right on your phone. The app provides the option to share a player's squad to friends through one-of-a-kind share links.
Transfers: FIFA 18's market is always running, so players can now check their queued transfers or bid on new players and consumables right on their phone. Players can also list items for others to offer.
Store: never miss a lighting round or special Pack offer again because the app lets players check on deals whenever.

To get the app, make sure to have an EA account, a copy of the game, along with a FUT Club that can be made in-game. After that, it's just a matter of linking the accounts to the app as well as each other. Unfortunately, only PS3/4, Xbox One/360, and PC players can take advantage of this app. Currently, it doesn't support Nintendo Switch users, unfortunately.

However, there are still a few bugs to work out; many users find that it won't open along with other complaints. The app's review score only has an average of 3.9 on Android, while its Apple version reached about 4.5 for the current version. It's up to you whether or not to download this app. If not, maybe it's best to just stick to the game on a console.

At any rate, this app isn't necessary to enjoy FIFA 18. If you prefer to use it, then that's fine. Not utilizing the app is also fine. In any case, just continue to enjoy playing the game in whatever console you use. Have fun to manage your team and winning championships

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